Premiere: Argy - Power of Detachment (Original Mix) [Renaissance Records]

Created in his Ibiza studio during lockdown last year, with ‘The Interior Journey’, Argy continues his highly creative, ever-evolving ethos that’s underpinned by a love of house; it pulls off that deft, elusive trick of paying homage to the formative years of clubbing without losing any of its contemporary edge and, as if that weren’t enough, does so across a number of genres.

Whether its echoes of Detroit in ‘Psychedelic Revival’; ‘A Course In Miracles’ Kraftwerk-esque influence; the Balearic love-letter that is ‘Ab Aeterno’ or the infectious groove of debut-single smash ‘Ketuvim’, which sounds like the best of New York hard and soul and Italy’s legendary UMM all wrapped into one, this is a body of work few could have produced and is a testament to Argy’s approach.

Today we premiere his track ‘Power Of Detachment’ on our channels. Enjoy ✨