Premiere: Altman - Hold On (Original Mix) [Infinite Depth]

A year after ‘The First Milestone’ we can say that Infinite Depth reached its second milestone. Around this milestone a 10-track strong VA is compiled. On this VA there are some of the label’s familiar faces like His. Creator, U S H N U, Klankveld, Alberth and Symmetric. Besides, we are having back Convolute, Altman and bastinov from earlier remix duties. Also, Infinite Depth is welcoming two new talents, Final Request and Dario Gismondi.

The minimalistic vibe gets preserved in Altman’s ‘Hold On’, but he managed to do this in a more melodic way. The refreshing mixed percussion are giving the space to an intriguing lead, which is going up and down, forming some very intense moments.

Follow: @altman_music / @infinitedepthofficial


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