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Echoes from Agartha 2023: Top 5 Performances

Echoes from Agartha is a breathtaking festival that is the most viral in the world on social media, and for good reason. The location is an UNESCO World Heritage site where humanity first evolved – the Cappadocia region in Turkey.
Across several days there are cave parties, after parties, dinners, pre-parties and a wealth of extras to enjoy such as pottery, markets, horse riding, exploring the historic cave villages of Cappadocia and much more.
People come from all over and dress in bedouin style outfits making it like a European answer to Burning man.
Here are five of the best sets.
Guy J
When he played at Zion on the first day everyone was in a great mood. The vibe was friendly and the crowd was dressed to impress.  Guy J did not slow down the mood when he came on later on and and kept the fully immersed crowd locked in to his absolute sonic control.
Blond:ish certainly brought the heat. With a blend of recognisable edits, melodic vibes and most importantly including multiple languages in her set, she created an insane experience that literally everyone could identify with. People were dancing in caves and on multiple stages and will never forget it.

After the sun had set at Zion on the first full day of the festival, Dixon stepped up. The Innervisons boss served the decks in usual manner delivering one banger after another, with plenty of rich emotion, progressive synths and deep house drums.


The most outstanding performance of the whole event was Bedouin. They kicked off with a vocal based intro that felt like God was talking to us. The melodic but still powerful vibes delivered a mystical journey until sunrise. People gathered in groups, hugged, kissed and started to realise they just had the best days of their lives.


As the sun was slowly setting and turning the caves of Cappadocia into an immersive light spectacle, a long awaited set from the Keinemusik crew became. They came on the decks delivering absolute mega tunes. Hot house, steamy synths, magical melodies and lots more. A real treat.

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