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Damian Lazarus Announces Dates for Day Zero Tulum 2024

Returning to the Mystical Jungles of Tulum January 12th, 2024

Tickets of Trust On Sale August 17th

Presale Now Open 

Each year, Damian Lazarus and the multi-faceted team behind Day Zero Tulum set out to produce the wildest party in the world. Positioned amongst the ritualistic history of the Mayan people and a future-forward understanding of modern hedonism, the festival sits at the apex of what a rave can be. On January 12, Day Zero will return to the transcendental jungles of Tulum to defy all expectations.

Traversing physical and spiritual realms, Day Zero invites partygoers on a marathon journey through the avant garde. Ancient Mayan rituals and performances by local guides and mind-bending production technology are melded into the dense jungle backdrop, offering an intertwining of the modern and mythic.

A pure demonstration of the curational prowess of founder Damian Lazarus, Day Zero is soundtracked from sunset to sunrise by revolutionary live acts and selectors, featuring regional debuts and Tulum exclusive performances from artists on the outer edges of the dancefloor. Global underground elite, forward-thinking Mexican talent, and emerging artists from the Crosstown universe present a journey you can’t experience anywhere else in Tulum and beyond.

Echoing the Mayan reverence for the earth and its resources, Day Zero embodies a profound respect for the natural world and in turn remains dedicated to environmental protection through its Crosstown Consciousness initiative. Day Zero’s partnership with Mexican company Petgas converts all waste from production into fuel to power the event, while the event’s recycling programming sets a new standard for how events in the region should operate.

Day Zero 2024 follows Crosstown Rebels historic 20th anniversary celebrations, which included a CR20 World Tour, 8-track compilation, and 240 page coffee table book. Shaping the electronic music landscape for over two decades, Crosstown Rebels has remained one of clubland’s most influential tastemaking entities through the consistent discovery of emerging sounds and debut of global superstars like Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Maceo Plex, and Art Department. Crosstown Rebels events are woven into the fabric of underground party culture, with the globally touring Get Lost, the ahead of its time Rebel Rave series, and of course Day Zero.

A profound exploration of musical connection, the natural world, and cultural appreciation create the magic that has steadily made Day Zero a premiere wonder of the global party calendar. Once again, Lazarus calls on those looking to chart a new path forward this new year to make their collective mark amongst this extraordinary celebration of artistic expression.

Tickets of Trust will go live on Thursday 17th August at 3pm Tulum time.

Sign up now for early access here.

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