Premiere: Baime - Places We Hide (ft. Chris McCarthy) [Radikon]

After their smash hit ‘Dampfmaschine’ in 2020, Baime return to Radikon with an explosive, overdriven four-tracker. Building on their repertoire of wildly modulating synths and staccato grooves, ‘Places we Hide‘ infuses the Danish duo’s sound with distinct, guitar-laden edge.

‘Places we Hide’ is an emotive, honest anthem. Minimalistic and infectiously groovy, it conjures a whirlwind of emotion, ranging from energetic vigour to introspective feeling. Haunting vocals tell of thunderstorms and shelter therefrom, offering the perfect analogy for Baime as a whole: the compelling juxtaposition of raw energy and soothing melancholia.

Energetic and thoughtful, ‘Satara’ draws the listener into an ocean of rolling synths and pads, slowly pitching and oscillating, forming towering breakers that crash into the bass heavy groove and recede into waves of serene contemplation.

With ‘Saints of the Dawn’, Baime unapologetically forge a genre of their own. A commanding, simplistic tech’n’roll groove interspersed with guitar stabs and overdriven chords marches relentlessly forward in an anthem for late nights and early mornings.

Drenched in Casio nostalgia with heavily filtered, resonant stabs sizzling with electricity and an impatient, staccato groove, ‘Curve of the Sun’ is a blippy excursion into the heart of a melancholy robot trying to make sense of it all.

Baime pursue their musical vision with brazen joie de vivre. On ‘Places we Hide’, the Danish producers infuse their brutally emotional sound with a new kind of edge, vocals and rhythmic guitars, showing that they are unafraid to test new waters to great effect.




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