Paris based producer Kate Zubok set to release 'Own Story' EP on Sapiens Records

Regeneration Day II  (October 2nd) is when Agoria’s Sapiens label releases five EPs of exciting new music all at once, which one of them is by the Ukrainian Kate Zubok! Kate is an underground Paris based DJ and producer who hails from Ukraine. She is obsessed with cosmic sounds and flying chords and has played all over the world alongside the likes of Bedouin and Black Coffee.

She opens up her EP with ‘Inner world’ featuring soft hang drum sounds and delicate tinkles on a piano, then gets more physical with the elastic beats and complex harmonies and melodies of her hypnotic ‘Bubble Gum.’ Last of all, ‘IS IT WORTH IT?’/’СТОИТ ЛИ?’ explores distorted synth sounds and eerie vocal loops that are utterly spell binding as they unfold on a heady, airy groove.

‘IS IT WORTH IT?’ had just been premiered on our Soundcloud page!

EP: Own Story
Label: Sapiens
Catalog No: Sapiens045
Release Date: 10/02/2020

Pre-order here:


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