Music Production Course and Creative Use of Vocals Bundle

Full Music Production Course & Creative Use of Vocals Bundle

This course tackles the very fundamentals of what it means to have a voice, engages the producer to use it, unlocks creativity within the mind, and helps understand why it is important to gain confidence before anything. It will expand the array of possibilities of things that you can include in your music and it will expose your soul to your art and brings more character to it.
You will also access to our Full Music Production Course by Vander where he will teach you the system that lead him to create his own music, you will be able to produce for your favorite music labels, distribute, and promote your music to the right way.

  • Module 1

    Understanding Ableton & Creating your first beat.

  • Module 2

    Sound Design & Music Theory.

  • Module 3

    Arrangement: Creating a full song out of a loop.

  • Module 4

    Mixing & Mastering: Make your track sound clean, puppy and loud.

It’s one of the most complete music production digital courses out there given by a renowned artist.

All the videos are available for you at any moment, so you don’t have to worry about schedules, you can take this course at your own pace.

Have any question? Vander himself is always available to help.


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