Interview: Mita Gami

Hey Mita! Thanks for speaking with us, where in the world are you right now?

Hi guys, I’m happy to speak to you. I’m currently in Guadalajara, Mexico. I’m playing a long set here tonight with Adam Ten at the Bar Americas club. Tomorrow we will play in Mexico City at Funk Club, and on Saturday in LA at your party that we are so excited for!

You’ll be joining us this weekend for your LA debut with Adam Ten. How do you feel about playing in LA for the first time?

For a long time I have been waiting and excited to come play in LA. The preparations for your event look amazing and the location is stunning. Many friends will attend so it makes it even more powerful. We both are looking forward to this one. 

Do you have any dream locations to play in the future?
If you had asked me a year ago I would have said the Mayan Warrior stage at Burning Man. But it will happen in another week and a half. So my next dream will be next summer’s festivals in Europe.
Can you tell us about your first memories of dance music and how your career started?
My journey with music began when I was 6 years old. I learned to play the piano and guitar and played in several bands, mainly hard-rock and indie-rock. 
I started DJing when I was 14, all kinds of music styles. About 7 years ago I decided that I wanted to focus on the music that I connect with the most – electronic between house and techno. Over the years I managed to create a musical tone for myself. I remember going to the Block Club and that’s where I really decided that’s what I wanted to do. I was amazed that the whole audience looks at the DJ and everyone cares about the music, after the party they talk and look for tracks that were played and are already waiting to hear the artist who will arrive next week.
Coming from Tel Aviv, how would you describe the electronic music scene in Israel?
I am very happy that the scene in Tel Aviv is exploding in recent years. Techno and house is played everywhere. I think there is a uniqueness to the genre that is played in Tel Aviv and it consists of psychedelic-trance influences and some middle-east musical moves. Until two years ago, the most dominant genre was indie-dance under the influence of some artists like Red-Axes and what they did for the last 5 years. This style is still running very strong, but at the same time there is an increase in psychedelic house and also some tech on the floors. These days there are many many great producers in Israel. it’s just amazing how much music goes out from this small place.
In September, you will be playing at Damian Lazarus’s Day Zero Festival in Masada. How do you feel about playing at such an iconic and historical site in Israel?

It’s hard to describe Masada’s power without being there. I wish you come sometime and understand. Beyond stunning location, the line-up is impressive and I’m really happy to take part alongside these artists.

How do you think playing at such a culturally rich destination, such as Masada, affects the vibe of the crowd?
In the recent years, you can see that the production have taken several steps forward in everything surrounding music. Take, for example, Afterlife, who invest a lot in the setting, LED screens, videos etc.. . The advantage of a place like Masada is that you don’t need too much other than looking at nature all around you. You can’t party everyday in a place like that so even before you listen to the music you have a special moment. 
You have an upcoming EP on Crosstown Rebels with Adam Ten releasing the same day as Day Zero Masada-can you tell us about the creative process behind this EP?
These 2 tracks are special for us, both were just ideas that we were stuck on and didn’t finish, we left them for a while and then came with a fresh view. 1st there was ‘Night Shift’, a melodic track that fits perfectly when we want to hypnotize the dancefloor and bring them together. Then there is ‘High On’ which is a peak-time track when we feel we wanna go harder and wild.
What else is coming up for you this year? Anything else we should have on our radar?
Except for our upcoming event together in LA which I’m really looking forward to, I’m really excited for my gigs at Burning Man this year. There are some amazing camps and art-cars that I’m looking forward to being at this moment.
A little after the Day-Zero festival in Masada, I do my live show at the DGTL Festival in Tel Aviv. At the end of October I will arrive in Miami for a special event with Space, and another round in Mexico for the Day of the Dead. There are many things going on and I’m super happy about that. but most important – many new music is about to come soon!


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