Interview: Chloé Caillet

Hey Chloe, pleasure to speak with you! What have you been up to and where are you currently?

Hey guys its lovely to catch up, im actually currently in my house in Ibiza and in my studio preparing my sets for the next month of touring in the US. At the moment ive been listening to a lot of music, ripping a lot of my records that I finally got to use. 

Can you tell us about your first memories of electronic music and who your musical inspirations are?

My first memories of electronic music were going out in Paris to Social Club when I was about 15 and it was at the time when all of the of legendary French DJs and producer acts were booming and I remember going to that club and listening to the sound and It was the most surreal experience ever. 

Just to name a few, some of my music inspirations are Pink Floyd, Andrew Weatherhall, I love Daft Punk and Grace Jones 

How would you describe your music style in your own words?

I dont think I have a specific music style. For me, music has no boundaries. I really love playing around with different types on genres. A lot of my sets sound really different and It just depends on where im playing and what’s going through my mind on the day. I grew up in a house hold where disco and funk music was part of our day and I love keeping a specific groove and keep the energy high. 

How do you feel about the current state of the electronic music scene?

I feel like the current state of electronic music is really evolving, I feel is though we are in a good place where im seeing a lot of changes and im seeing a lot more of equal and diverse line-ups. Im really seeing incredible artists take the stage. I do believe we are still a very long way from where the industry should be at and there are still a lot more changes that need to happen but its very inspiring to be rising up in the electronic scene at the time I am in. 

Next weekend,  you will be playing at Damian Lazarus’ Get Lost Miami. How would you describe the Get Lost experience to someone who has never been and what can attendees expect from your performance?

Get Lost is one of the most amazing gigs that I’ve played at, Its really an amazing place because equally as much as all of us DJs get to spend a good time and catch up, you also see the audience experience this really magical place. 

Damian and his team put so much time and energy towards the production and you really get lost in the moment.

What do you think sets Crosstown Rebels events, such as Day Zero and Get Lost, apart from other events?

I really think that Damian Lazarus and his team pays close attention to details to make sure the artists and audience have an incredible experience. These are events that take so much time to produce and the line up has so many amazing artists and when you get there you know everyone is going to have a great time together. 

How many years have you been attending Miami Music Week and do you have any tips for first timers?

Ive been attending MMW for 3 years, 1 year before Covid and then the last 2 years. I would recommend to pace your self and dont try and attend every single event that you see but to take time in the one youre in and to enjoy the moment. I recommend to find one place and enjoy what the artists and producers have created. And make a plan because it can get really tricky with set times.

You recently released your remix of ‘Coma Cat,’ what has the reaction been like so far?

The reactions have been amazing for my remix of Coma Cat. I was actually really nervous to remix this record because the original is such a fantastically produced song. I was very very honoured to be able to remix it and Ive had such a nice experience hearing the responses. 

What else is coming up for you this year? Anything new releases or shows  we should have on our radar?

For the rest of this year, there’s a release on Inner Visions that’s coming out on Secret Weapons and then I have my EP coming out in April. Then I have a couple secret releases coming out with some of my friends labels. And hopefully another EP at the end of the year. But im going to keep releasing music. Im working on a ton of special songs and special remixes so its definitely going to be a busy year but I can’t wait to share my music with everyone.


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