Interview: BJORN

BJORN is known on the island of Ibiza as the “vibe creator,” his authentic passion for music is apparent to anyone who has faced him on dancefloors around the world from the U.S.A to European cities, including London, Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm, Munich, Ibiza, Cannes, St Moritz to name a few. BJORN’s universal style is influenced by a spectrum of genres such as deep house, afro house, indie dance, melodic house, and techno, determined by his time in Berlin and Ibiza. With many years of experience in DJing internationally and organising events, BJORN has played with the iconic Super Flu at Blue Marlin Ibiza and the Delicious opening party for the legendary Cannes Film Festival in 2015.

BJORN has been more recently extending his skills onto music production. Whilst spending time in studios between Ibiza, Berlin, London, and now Sweden, selected DJs are already playing his productions in clubs around the world. With the launch of his own imprint this year, he is set to take the electronic music scene by storm.

Our team had a chance to talk with BJORN about his latest experiences and activities in music production and dj’ing:

How has the past twelve months been for you?

Hey guys, It has been a long journey! I’m just grateful that all my family and friends are still here with me and it gave me a chance to spend more time with my family that I do not get to see as often because before COVID-19 I lived abroad for a several years and will soon do it again. I also spent a lot of time outdoors, in nature to reconnect myself and a majority of my time was spent in the studio making music and creating my new imprint.

You decided to start the Magenta label – tell us what the inspiration is behind it, what kind of music are you looking to push? 

Music is my biggest passion. I started DJing and creating events at a young age. It has always been a dream to release music and run a label of my own. I’ve been working really hard in various studios in Ibiza, Berlin and Sweden to make this happen and I had half of the Magenta concept already thought out when I was mainly focusing on playing around and creating events.

I’m curious for the next sound and I get so excited when I discover new delightful music. When it comes to music, energy never lies. I feel a good track in my whole body from the first few seconds of it. It’s all about the vibes and emissions for me, I will bring this with me to the label.

We will focus firmly on the future and its modern imaginative sounds that will take you to a better place, this is in various electronic genres such as afro house, indie dance, melodic house and techno. With myself for the first releases including remixes from highly talented artists I admire like Kadosh and Ivory and more amazing artists that match the Magenta vibe are on the way. I also look forward to inviting gifted artist friends and discovering new talents that can amaze me and be part of this journey.

Your ‘Majestic’ EP is out now on the imprint, it features a remix from Kadosh. Tell us how this has been received?

The first big news came just hours after the label launch, that Spotify had picked Majestic (Kadosh Remix) for their main playlist for “Electronic best new music” worldwide and today I saw Beatport “Staff picks” Majestic EP on their Melodic House front page. Since then it has just kept coming with positive feedback with great support from respected DJs, radios, friends, fans, press, magazines, and social media channels. And it is a pleasure now speaking to you! 

We just released a few days ago and we are overwhelmed by the kind words from all directions. I just wish people had a chance to dance to the tunes, we could’ve got a much better start during these times, however, a big thanks to everyone for supporting us.

What gear did you use during the creative process and are you a hardware or software person?

A little bit of both! I have loved the proper studios in Berlin and Ibiza to work with the old goodies analog synths and drum machines as Moog, Yamaha and Roland to name a few and during all the different lockdowns, I used mainly studio plugins in a temporary home in Sweden, which are really nice these days too. I also have a flavour of live recordings of afro instruments from over the years, I like to add voice samples from world music and have used recordings of Ibiza’ beautiful creatures, all these things make it feel more authentic. 

Within the Swedish music scene, are there any artists and DJs you’d like to highlight?

I will say Axel Boman and my friend La Fleur are so gifted. I admit I am really impressed by our neighboring country Denmark’s genius producer Nandu, he has stood out to me over the last few years. Also a dear old friend is behind Neon Nox and is known for his retro synthwave albums and I am so happy for his success.

What artists or labels have been big inspirations in your musical career?

So many over the decades… I start with Innervisions by Dixon and AME, they have been so innovative and outstanding in my taste as both DJs and label A&R for the last 10 years. Then in Ibiza Damian Lazarus, Mano Le Tough, Solomun, Guy Gerber, Super Flu, HOSH, Lee Burridge, Maceo Plex, Luciano gave me so many positive memories and a lot of inspiration to see them play live and to have the opportunity to get to know and play alongside some of them has been incredible. They all run fantastic labels as well, and this will be a long list, but lastly, legends such as Pete Tong, Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez and Sasha are the reasons why I dreamt of Ibiza and spent seven years in the magic paradise. So I have them all to thank for what they have brought in my life and contributed to the whole scene. 

Asides from the recent EP release, what other projects do you have planned that you can share with us?

My next upcoming EP will be again on Magenta and this time with the hugely talented Ivory as a remixer, who has massive tracks with big DJ support the last few years and I am so pleased to have him with me on our next release. We can’t wait to share this one with you! Then I also have in the pipeline more releases and two exciting remix projects on other labels, So stay tuned! 

Please share one of your all-time favourite tracks, and tell us why you chose this.  

I’d pick a summer tune: DJ Gregory – Canoa. It has such a positive vibe and the crowd literally goes nuts when it’s dropped in a beach club or an open air terrace. I also carry a special memory when I played it in a private yacht party on the sea between Ibiza and Formentera some hours before the sun went down and to top that off with the view of the magic rocks, Es Vedra. 

The energy was unreal, it gave me goosebumps just to talk about those moments. 

Thank you Deep Tech Minimal for having me!


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