Full DJ Course by Vander

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to DJ but you don’t know where to start Vander has created a course for you that not only teaches you how to mix tracks properly, but also teaches you how to become a real DJ.

An art that is about understanding energy and how to transmit it to those around you.

  • Module 1

    DJ Fundamentals (The very basics of Djing)

  • Module 2

    Intermediate Mixing (How to make seamless mixes, how to manage your music library)

  • Module 3

    - Advanced Mixing (Using effects, using loops, creating a hybrid setup with drum machines and synthesizers)

  • Module 4

    The Art of Djing (Crowd Management, Stage Presence & More)

It’s your time to learn everything from an experienced artist who have performed all around the world so that you can become the DJ you’ve always dreamed of.