Vocals Course by Mâhfoud

For all the producers out there looking to add an extra spice to your creations, Mâhfoud has crafted a course on how to use your voice creatively.

You will learn how to use your voice creatively, not only as a tool for singing but literally as our most unique tool of communication, expression, and poetry. Spoken-word, singing, sounds, noise, everything is possible. It will expand the array of possibilities of things that you can include in your music and it will expose your soul to your art and brings more character to it.

You will not just produce good music when you have all the software and the hardware, you need to understand your psyche and what is causing you to make decisions and that’s what Mâhfoud is about to teach you.

  • Module 1


  • Module 2

    Vocal Warmup Exercises and Breathing Techniques.

  • Module 3


  • Module 4

    Recording Techniques.

  • Module 5

    Creative Use of Vocals.

Have any questions? Please send us an email and we'll be happy to help.